Catering A La Carte

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**Chicken Katsu, Crispy Shrimp and Island White Fish are perfect appetizers!


Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

A very popular choice! Grilled boneless & skinless chicken marinated in Hawaiian BBQ Sauce.

Chicken Katsu **

One of our best sellers! Crispy breaded chicken fillets served with special Ono Katsu Sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken

Grilled boneless chicken served with our house teriyaki sauce.

Island Fire Chicken 

Hand cut chicken slices, marinated in our special blend of spices for over 12 hours, then grilled with onions and tossed with our spicy Island Fire sauce.

Grilled Chicken Breast (Lemon Pepper) healthy

Juicy, tender and grilled to perfection + fresh lemon wedges.

Grilled Chicken Breast (Teriyaki) healthy

Juicy, tender and grilled to perfection + house Teriyaki sauce.

Beef / Pork

Kalbi Short Ribs

Tender beef short ribs marinated in Korean Style BBQ sauce, then grilled to perfection.

Hawaiian BBQ Beef

Grilled slices of tender beef marinated in Hawaiian BBQ Sauce.

Kalua Pork with Cabbage

Slow roasted pork with a hint of smokey flavor, served shredded over steamed cabbage. Hawaii’s version of the pulled pork.


Island White Fish **

Tender white fish filet, lightly marinated and breaded with Japanese panko bread crumbs.

Crispy Shrimp **

Crispy breaded shrimp served with Ono Katsu Sauce.

Gourmet Salads

Fresh Mix Salad
Macaroni Salad

Everyone’s favorite!

Appetizers & Sides

Spam Musubi

A block of rice topped with a dash of Teriyaki sauce and a slice of grilled spam, wrapped in seaweed.

BBQ Chicken Musubi

(12pcs.) (25pcs.) (50pcs.)

BBQ Beef Musubi

(12pcs.) (25pcs.) (50pcs.)

Crab Rangoon

Faux Crab meat and cream cheese in crispy wonton skin.

Ono’s Sampler

Chicken Katsu, Crab Rangoon (12 pcs), and your choice of Musubi (12 pcs).


Bottle Water
Bottle Drinks
Hawaiian Sun (our favorite from Hawaii)